There’s a BIG change {and giveaway} on the horizon… want to be a part of it?

Hello lovelies, Jess here!

To celebrate the launch of Issue 4 of *bespoke*, I thought it was time to do sprinkle some fairy-dust and do a little bit of a revamp of the *bespoke* website!

Well, actually, it will be a pretty BIG revamp! And to celebrate the new look (as well as the launch of Issue 4) we’re going to run a HUGE giveaway!

It will go up on Monday next week, and be drawn the following Monday. I’ve already got a ton of lovely crafty goodness lined up from a whole lotta lovely indie businesses – but I still have room for more.

If you’d like to take part in the bumper giveaway (which I’ll be promoting heavily throughout my networks, as will the rest of the team) please e-mail me – submissions AT – by Friday afternoon at the latest for more details.

Help us to kick off the shiny new site with a HURRAH!

P.S. Don’t be surprised if you see things moving around over the weekend – I’ll be putting the new site design in place and tweaking it around quite a bit – but we’ll be up and running and back to normal by Monday.

Image by Jefra Linn

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Jess Van Den

Editor of *bespoke* 2010-2012

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