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Tweet Tweet – Handmade Bird Sweetness

Recently we’ve been creating some wonderful Etsy treasuries. Here is some

Percy Pigeon Brooch by Little Chrissy

I’m not a HUGE fan of pigeons, especially the ones who

Toucan Collage by Pouch Handmade

Have you ever wanted to make a collage out of vintage

Handmade Bird Necklace by ikandi11

Bright colored birds are the perfect thing to brighten up the

Bird Radio Print by Milk and Cookies

Maybe I watched ‘Sleeping Beauty’ too many times when I was

Cake Topper Bird by A Sweet Reverie

Sweet Reverie, an American maker, creates whimsical little birds for cake

Red-Backed Wren and Wattle Pillow by Formosa Design

Nothing brightens up your house like a lively pillow!  This red-backed

Bird Wreath by Bubby Makes Three

This bird wreath by Bubby Makes Three, an Australian crafter, is

Children’s Art Prints by Kathy Panton

When I was little, my mother used to sing this song

Australian Bird Print by 56 Dollars for Bean Cake

There is something just darling about this bird print by Australian

Bunny Bird Print by Honey Cup

How sweet is this little ‘bunny bird creature’ print by Honeycup,

Ripple Bird Tea Cosy by Gloaming Designs

I love my tea kettle but I think it needs a

DIY ~ Bird Snack

Did you give your birds a holiday present?  I’m hoping to

Blue Love Bird Print

I couldn’t stop laughing when I found this Blue Love Bird

Peacock Instinct by Sweet William

Are your eyes popping yet?  This peacock certainly knows how to

Flock of Birds Mobile by A Piece of Pie

Nothing says summer to me like a flock of birds overhead. 

Love Nest Card by Muska & Elvis

This card is the perfect way to spread some love on

Birds on a Wire by Frawn

I love the soft look of these birds on a wire

Alphabet Bird by Little Muse

S is also for stupendous!  This little alphabet bird print by

Bird Decorative Pillow by Tiges and Weince

Like most women, I have a thing for throw pillows.  This

Flower Bird Necklace by Little Viking Girl

I love the almost Scandinavian feel of this avian clay pendant

Mid Century Modern Birdhouse by Nathan Danials

I have a special place in my heart for birdhouses so

Embroidery + Birdie = Win!

Embroidery hoop + upcycled fabric + vintage fabric + hand-stitching =

Tea and Cake

Tea & Cake’s new line, “Birdy Wordy,” incorporates adorable little images

Pesky Cat Designs…

Is it wrong that the first thing I think of when