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My Crafting Companions

In my final blog post I wanted to chat about one

My crafting companion

I promised yesterday that this post would be cute. My cat

A collection of creative cats

This week’s creative and crafty collection is all about cats! Here’s

Ceramic sculptures the focus on the food chain

Sara Lynch is a multi-media artist from New York. Some of

The Superhero Cats Cards by Late Night Drawing

Da da da da!  It’s superhero cats!  These adorable (and hysterical)

Whiskers Are Nice Print by Sophie Blackhall-Cain

My boyfriend cannot grow whiskers at all so perhaps he wouldn’t

Muffin Print by Teconlene

This print by Teconlene, an Italian artist, is absolutely darling!  It’s

Fat Cat Valentine’s Day Card by Jamie Shelman

I think I fell out of my chair when I found

Upcycled Apple Computer Cat Bed

I can’t think of a better cat bed…can you?  This brings

Cat Buttons by Eco Craft Supply

When I was little, my aunt used to make me crazy,

Napping Cat print by Matou En Peluche

Someone got caught napping in the garden!  I love the surprised

Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed

I’m currently under strict orders not to look at, touch, or

Dinnerware by Love Mae

I’ve admitted before that I’m a bit of a cat lover,

Blogs of Awesome ~ Cat versus Human

Everyone knows I love my cat and that’s probably why I