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Spring Time Must Haves

As featured in our Spring Issue 14 these spring time must

Beautiful Handmade Jewellery

Unique handmade jewellery for you.  No two pieces are exactly the

Spring Issue 14 Delay

Our Spring Issue 14 is delayed by one week.  This publication

Handmade Jewellery for every occassion

Recently *bespoke* has had the pleasure of getting to know more about

Interesting Handmade Jewellery

Circle Pin Brooch – Pursey Galore & More (America) Oxidised Copper

Spring Handmade Finds

Flowers are blooming, the grass is green and the birds are

Singer Sewing Machine Earrings

Made in Dunedin, New Zealand, these Singer Sewing Machine earrings are

Fast Five with Minnette Michael of Minnette vs Corey

Who are you, where are you from, and what is your

Art, Craft and Handmade Things that start with E

Over at our Facebook page we asked the online community to

Team Twiglet – traditional craft meets modern technology

Who else has ever loved one design so much that they

Tassle Earrings by Bunny’s Small Pleasures

I can’t be the only one who enjoys touching tassles.  However,

Wayfarer Glasses Stud Earrings by Rare Indeed

I’ve worn glasses all of my life but I’ve never owned

Origami Crane Earrings by Joji Creations

I had no idea origami could be so sweet!  These origami

Paisley Sterling Silver Earrings by O Bliss Jewellery

I love frills and Peter Pan collars and that’s just what

Tiny Teardrop Earrings by Burnish

Sometimes it’s the simple jewelry that is the most beautiful.  These

Waterfall Earrings

When you can only master the triangle in band class, you

Lush Green Grass Silver Earrings by Seahag and Walrus

I’m swooning over these lush green grass earrings by Seahag and

Have a Tea Earrings by Pollini Atelier

As the weather gets cooler, the tea pots boil a bit

Vintage Art Print Earrings by Time N Light

> I love vintage art prints but when they’re turned into

Botanical Laser Cut Magenta Felt Earrings by TACTIdesign

How adorable are these earring?  I love the fact that the

Silver Leaf Earrings by Jewelry Dell

These earrings are oh-so-pretty!  I love the little striations in the

Hot Air Balloon Earrings Handmade by Pollini Atelier

When I was little, I dreamed of flying away in a

Wooden Earrings by Each to Own

Nothing says fun like bright colors and polka dots!  These darling

Little Envelopes Stud Earrings by Rare Indeed

I love sending and receiving letters and now I can wear

Llama Studs by Rulitos 81

How cute are these earrings!  I llove llamas, don’t you?  Hehe. 

Cherry Wood Earrings by Organic Architecture

I love natural earrings like these ones made from cherry wood! 

Grassland Tree Round Disc Earrings

Organic shapes are my favorite shape (yes, I was the only

Doctor Who Jewellery handmade by Foxwise

This one is for Doctor Who geeks like me.  I squealed

Laser Cut Leather Earrings

Perhaps I’m a little biased because my bicycle is teal and

Birds on a Wire by Frawn

I love the soft look of these birds on a wire


Spanish jeweller Cristina hand-makes a range of casual, funky jewellery from

Adorable earrings handmade by Yasmin Ellis

 Beyond adorable earrings by Aussie Yasmin Ellis. Her shop is full