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Beautiful Handmade Jewellery

Unique handmade jewellery for you.  No two pieces are exactly the

Spring Issue 14 Delay

Our Spring Issue 14 is delayed by one week.  This publication

Handmade Jewellery for every occassion

Recently *bespoke* has had the pleasure of getting to know more about


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Networking, Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When you start your own business and this is the first

Business Cards, Tags and Brand Identification

Like a lot of other business, I get my business cards

Your Favourite Sister – Meet Kylie Gerber

Hi Wonderful Bespoke Blog Readers. My name is Kylie and I

Interesting Handmade Jewellery

Circle Pin Brooch – Pursey Galore & More (America) Oxidised Copper

10 Australian artists designing recycled, handmade jewellery

Handmade jewellery and accessories made with recycled materials.

Easy DIY Jewellery

There is a certain joy and satisfaction that comes from making

The Jewellery Making Process – From sketch to finished piece

For those not familiar with the process of making jewellery, I

Pinterest for Creative Inspiration and Exploration

Inspiration can be found all around us. A walk down new

Christina Lowry : Maker, Mother and Jewellery Designer

Hello! My name is Christina Lowry, and I have the pleasure

Latest Bespoke Giveaway

To kick off 2014, we ran 2 competitions in January one

Fast Five Interview with Cordelle Designs

Meet Annaliese Keipert, the creative whirlwind behind the ever-evolving brand of

Eco Friendly Colourful Hemp Bracelet

This summer bracelet by Little Deer Creations is made from 100%

Fast Five Interview with Louise Addison of Radge Design

Meet Louise Addison – Owner and creative behind Radge Design. What

Sustainable Springtime Accessories

Nadine is a Brisbane based jewellery designer and workshop facilitator with

Huge Handmade Giveaway – Scrunch Designs

With a background in fine arts and oil painting, Shellie has

Huge Handmade Giveaway – Zuri

We are drawing the winners of our biggest ever handmade giveaway

Stitched animal designs

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a huge increase in

Crafty terms that start with J

The craft alphabet continues and today’s letter is J. What craft,

Fast Five with Minnette Michael of Minnette vs Corey

Who are you, where are you from, and what is your

Pie Chart Pendant

These geometric pendants are made entirely out of paper! Ok fine, there is

SNAP + WIN *bespoke* magazine photo competition

Do you own a copy of *bespoke* magazine? Have you got

Eco Fair-Trade Jewellery and Decor – The Leakey Collection

The story behind The Leakey Collection is so beautiful. If you

Mini House Necklace by Karolin Felix Dream

Now you can take a little piece of home with you

Waterfall Earrings

When you can only master the triangle in band class, you

Handmade Wooden Feather Brooch by Each to Own

I adore wooden brooches and this one by Each to Own,

Neon Green Necklace by B Studio

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved neon green.  It’s just

Vintage Art Print Earrings by Time N Light

> I love vintage art prints but when they’re turned into

Tiny Herkimer Necklace by Ball and Chain

I’m not a jewelry sort of girl but this tiny herkimer

Hot Air Balloon Earrings Handmade by Pollini Atelier

When I was little, I dreamed of flying away in a

Seafoam Sea Glass Ring by D Adamietz

I’ve been living by an ocean for a year now but

Fast Five ~ Nikki Montenegro

Who are you? My name is Nikki Montenegro and I am

Taj Mahal Ring Necklace by Elleni 0909

I’m swooning over these necklace rings by Elleni 0909, an Australian

Grassland Tree Round Disc Earrings

Organic shapes are my favorite shape (yes, I was the only

Doctor Who Jewellery handmade by Foxwise

This one is for Doctor Who geeks like me.  I squealed

Fast Five ~ Emeeme

Who are you? Hello, my name is María and I’m from

Blogs of Awesome ~ Olive Bites

Meet Cat, an environmental jeweller (she makes lockets from cork and