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Issue 14 has arrived

Hooray!  Our Spring magazine Adornment and Embellishments – Issue 14 has

Spring Issue 14 Delay

Our Spring Issue 14 is delayed by one week.  This publication

Submissions for Issue 15

Submissions for Bespoke Magazine Issue 15 are closing on the 31st

Colour your life

One thing that I am really passionate about in my craft,

Inspiring and humorous quotes in print

As I was looking for creative inspiration online today I discovered

Fast Five with Mable Tan of Happee Monkee

Meet Mable Tan, a talented creative from Melbourne (Australia), who runs

Fast Five with Victoria Green of Joanouk

    What is your creative talent? Hi, I am Victoria from

48 HOUR *bespoke* magazine sale

With Issue 11 of *bespoke* only 4 weeks away we need

Winter Village Throw Pillow design by Katherine Appleby

This week during our yellow #handmadecolourplay I stumbled across a fabulous

Crafty and creative terms that start with P

Pat Flood: pinch pleating, punching, ie rugs! Elle Roberts: Project Life.

DIY Funky Umbrella Design

Check it out! A super easy and ultra cool DIY tutorial

Mother’s Day Print Pack Special

Looking for the perfect gift for your crafty and creative mum?

Hereford 1 Photograph by Hugh Stewart Gallery

I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful this photograph

Art Deco Pocket Mirror by Matou En Peluche

The Art Deco era was all about glamor.  Matou En Peluche

The Biscuits Dress by Caitlin Shearer

I love biscuits!  And I love this dress!  Caitlin Shearer, an

Rainbow Confetti Art Prints by White with Three

I generally don’t like abstract artwork but this one by White

Vintage Westinghouse Radio Print by Brown Fox Studio

I never had a Westinghouse Radio like this but I’d take

Babushka Doll Family by Sail and Swan

How sweet is this print by Sail and Swan, an Australian

Dandelion Photograph with Mini Easel by My Little Pixels

How cute is this little picture?  And it comes with its

Be Happy Now Print by Penelope and Pip

This print by Penelope and Pip, a Brisbane artist, would be

Mountain Lake Print by Peachlings

If I looked out my window and saw this every day,

READ Typography Print by Wallfry

Typography  is getting attention again from art lovers and this little

Gratitude Print by Angelstar Forever

This print by Angelstar Forever, a Melbourne artist, is a wonderful

Cancer Prints by Danielle Tiedeman

We received an amazing email from Danielle Tiedeman, an Australian artist,

Australian Blue Wrens by Bellablackbird

We don’t have Australian Blue Wrens here in America but they

Lovely Tears by Curmilla

This print by Curmilla, an Australian artist, is quite whimsical.  I

Dandelion Photo by My Little Pixels

This is my favorite type of dandelion, the one that can’t

Cockatoos in Love Print by Bella Blackbird

Bella Blackbird, a Melbourne artist, illustrated this sweet drawing of cockatoos

Whiskers Are Nice Print by Sophie Blackhall-Cain

My boyfriend cannot grow whiskers at all so perhaps he wouldn’t

Bird Radio Print by Milk and Cookies

Maybe I watched ‘Sleeping Beauty’ too many times when I was

Reel CMYK Print by 74 Lime Lane

These mini prints would be perfect for a sewing room.  They’re

Holland Townhouses Illustration by Seal Design Studio

I’ve been to Amsterdam and there houses really are this cute! 

Vintage Art Print Earrings by Time N Light

> I love vintage art prints but when they’re turned into

Vintage Map Print by Herbert Co

Peacocks have magic, don’t you think?  This vintage map print combines

Golden Arches Photo Print by Crimson Circle Studios

Balloons are magical, don’t you think?  I’m really enjoying the bright

Muffin Print by Teconlene

This print by Teconlene, an Italian artist, is absolutely darling!  It’s

I Love Macaron Print by Oy Photography

Nothing says love like a macaron.  Oy Photography, an Australian photographer,

Heart Balloon Print by Elgarbo Art

This hot air balloon takes my breath away!  It’s so beautiful!! 

Scandinavian Print by Draw Pilgrim!

I know I’m a bit biased toward Scandinavian things but how

Peacock Print by Pool Pony Design

Peacocks never let you leave the zoo with oohing and ahhing